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Ultrabreathe® - The World’s
No 1 Selling Respiratory Trainer

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I am well works so well that it is now
an integral part of my training as I train for a sponsored
400km run. B Maitland - Aberdeen

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After using it for a month I could breathe in longer
and deeper. V Reay - Cleveland

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I feel that my lungs are stronger now than at any time
in my life. K Hill - London

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I think it is an excellent product and found it does
what is claimed...I can now walk any distance without
having to stop. O Mills - Norfolk

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Compared to other respiratory trainers the Ultrabreathe
is the simplest, best and most ingenious.
P Couch - Diver Magazine

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I've noticed a large improvement in the quantity
and quality of air I'm able to use.
Steven Mead - world famous euphonium player

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I sent off for the Ultrabreathe and now I couldn't
do without it. ES - Essex

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"I tried it and it worked!! Exercising with the Ultrabreathe
morning and evening has improved my breathing
stamina immensely. Henk Verschuur


Simply rotate sleeve to adjust breathing resistance


Anti-bacterial medical grade PVC mouthpiece (Phthalate, BPA and Latex Free)


Rotate cap to adjust comfort valve to match you natural breathing rhythm and to select expiratory mode

Ultrabreathe® – The World’s No 1 Selling Respiratory Trainer

The Ultrabreathe® is a highly effective inspiratory/expiratory muscle trainer, providing an easy and convenient means of increasing the strength and durability of the respiratory muscles.

It works on the principle of resistance. As you inhale, the resistance created makes your respiratory muscles work harder, and the harder they work the stronger and more durable they become – and as your breathing power improves, the Ultrabreathe® can be gradually adjusted to provide more resistance.

The Ultrabreathe® device is patented, CE marked and manufactured in the UK to exacting European health & safety standards. With hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

How to use Ultrabreathe®

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Who uses Ultrabreathe®

We supply Ultrabreathe to a wide range of users from athletes to singers, perfomance artists to people with medical conditions.

Musicians like Steven

Steve has been using the Ultrabreathe for over two years and has noticed a large improvement in the quantity and quality of air he’s able to use. more

Athletes like Andy

Andy is a keen sportsman who wants to improve his endurance and performance.  He uses the Ultrabreathe across several in running and squash.  more

Climbers like Sean

“I think the Ultrabreathe played a great impact on me making the summit of Kilimanjaro again. Can’t thank you enough. I’m back home safe and sound and using it every day” Sean Swarner.

Sean thought the Ultrabreathe played a great part on him making it to the summit of Kilimanjaro.  more

Older People

Clinical research shows that improving the strength and durability of the muscles we use to breathe in can both significantly reduce the sensation of breathlessness and lead to increased exercise tolerance and endurance.

Performance Artists

Singers, Musicians, Dancers, Actors can all benefit from inspiratory muscle training with the Ultrabreathe.

Strengthening the breathing muscles, will help improve breath control thereby supporting voice vocalization, performance anxiety and improve diaphragmatic strength for musicians and singers/actors.

Asthma Sufferers

Researchers looked at the changes induced by 3 weeks of a breathing trainer on mild / moderate asthmatics. The data confirmed that improvements in lung function were evident. more


The ultimate product to support scuba divers and free divers. Increase your breath control to maximise your diaphragmatic strength and swimming endurance to enhance your diving experience.

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