Sean Swarner – The Cancer Climber Association

“I think the Ultrabreathe played a great impact on me making the summit of Kilimanjaro again. Can’t thank you enough. I’m back home safe and sound and using it every day”

Sean Swarner, The Cancer Climber Association (

Did you know that recent research indicates a connection between trained respiratory muscles and reduced lactate levels? Boutellier et al found that:

– respiratory training significantly increased the endurance time of respiratory muscles
– respiratory trained subjects had lost the sensation of breathlessness
– blood lactate concentrations were reduced during post training exercise

In conclusion they speculate * ‘that the reduction in blood lactate concentration was most likely caused by an improved lactate uptake by the trained respiratory muscles.’ * (1998, Med Sci Sports Exerc 1998, Eur Jour Appl Physiol 1999)