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Tangent Healthcare mailed 200 Ultrabreathe users asking them to complete a questionnaire. Of those who had used their Ultrabreathe for at least a month, 86% reported an improvement in their 'breathing / physical condition'. This is what they, and others, have to say:

Martial Arts News Magazine"I tried it and it worked!! Exercising with the Ultrabreathe morning and evening has improved my breathing stamina immensely. I compared it with my hypoxia training, training with less oxygen, which I did in the sixties when I was a top athlete, but I honestly prefer this to all those is effective and does what it promises" Henk Verschuur, Editor, Martial Arts News Magazine

"I think the Ultrabreathe played a great impact on me making the summit of Kilimanjaro again. Can't thank you enough. I'm back home safe and sound and using it every day" Sean Swarner, The Cancer Climber Association (

"I am well works so well that it is now an integral part of my training as I train for a sponsored 400km run" B. Maitland, Aberdeen

"I think it is an excellent product and found it does what is claimed...I can now walk any distance without having to stop" O. Mills, Norfolk

"I feel that my lungs are stronger now than at any time in my life" K. Hill, London

Steven Mead"I've been using the Ultrabreathe for over two years now and have noticed a large improvement in the quantity and quality of air I'm able to use. To date I have never met anyone who used it and did not feel an almost immediate benefit from it" Steven Mead, world famous euphonium player

"This device you make is brilliant for the heart and lungs. I have found just after a weeks use my recovery rate has improved by 50%" RFN Treliving, BFPO

"I sent off for the Ultrabreathe and now I couldn't do without it" E.S., Essex

"Hopefully one day on prescription" P. Lewis, Essex

"After using it a month I could breathe in longer and deeper" V. Reay, Cleveland

"After using it for a few months my lungs felt stronger as did my general physical condition" L. Bazeley, Oxon

"I've used your product 25 breaths in each morning and evening and really do feel so much better. Well done to you and your Company" K. Curtis, Kent

"My personal belief is that it should be on creates that daily routine of respiratory exercise within your home so simply" E. Percival, Kent

"On the whole, any exercise that tones and strengthens the respiratory muscles is of benefit" P. Haggard, West Sussex

"I am a long time sufferer of breathing problems and your device is a godsend to me. It is part of my medical equipment and I cannot do without it" P. Costelloe, Essex

"It allows me to walk a little further without distress" G. Skudder, Lancs

"I am enjoying walking again because I don't get so out of breath" I. Carlton, Adelaide



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